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Sugar Snaps











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‘Twas the Night After Doomsday…

I discovered this cookie dough “ice cream” that’s dairy free. All of the flavor, half the guilt.


Wheaties realized they could ca$h in a second time with this Bruce Jenner cereal box cover. (Kardashian fans + baby boomer nostalgia)


Lunch from a couple days ago I whipped up. Fettuccine with mushrooms, topped with mozzarella non-cheese.


Spray paint cupcakes.


Passive aggressive stocking stuffers.


You’ll never look at coffee flavored jelly beans the same way again. I think that’s a sheep dispenser.


Little Debbie isn’t waiting around for Hostess to work through its Twinkie problems.


Snow globes on cookies. Brilliant idea.


And a few donut closing shots.




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Sumatra Coffee

I was musing on Twitter that to me, all coffee tastes the same. It doesn’t matter if I get Folgers, decaffeinated, McDonald’s premium roast, Dunkin’ Donuts, grind my own beans, you name it, when it’s in my cup, it’s all the same.

Because of this, I usually grab the most economical (cheap) brand of coffee. I’m not a huge coffee fan. I mainly drink it during my work day when I’m desperate for a power nap but the show must go on. I often dump scalding hot coffee into a glass full of ice, then add an inch or two of coconut milk to the glass. I’m not a big fan of straight coffee.

After I mentioned this on Twitter, someone recommended Sumatra coffee. I made a mental note. After checking out a few grocery store coffee sections, I found something that said SUMATRA on the package, and it happened to be Starbucks. I think it was around $10.

One thing I really love about coffee is the aroma. I would say I love the aroma of coffee, but tolerate the flavor. When I opened the bag, I would describe the smell as coffee mixed with some tea. I would call it a weaker than usual aroma. Sometimes the smell of coffee just smacks you in the face, and I like it. I was kind of put off by the mildness of the aroma at first and thought, this is a bad sign.

I whipped up my usual coffee concoction and took a swig. Something different was happening. The coffee flavor, for a lack of a better description, attaches to your taste buds and holds on for dear life. So rather than tasting coffee for a second or so, the flavor holds. There is less of a burnt bitterness, which reveals a better flavor. A flavor that sticks itself to your taste buds for about 4 times as long as regular coffee.

This means you have an overall more flavorful experience. I started reading through reviews of this coffee online and a lot of people love it. If you like a bold, flavorful coffee, this is one I recommend grabbing for a taste at your local coffee shop for sure. And I think I may have found a coffee I actually like. More research will be necessary to confirm.



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Chicken McNuggets and Onion Rings (Sort Of)



I hadn’t had McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets since probably the 1990s. I knew there are “meat free” versions of these types of nuggets at local grocers, so I tried them. These are baked in the oven, so they aren’t fried. They actually are a pretty tasty snack. They aren’t greasy, have a nice crunch and go great with dipping sauces. I threw in a few rings so I could make my own “sampler platter.”

I keep telling people, there are substitutes for practically everything that’s bad for you. And many of these actually taste as good as the bad versions! These could totally fool anyone into believing they’re the real deal.



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To Eat, Or Not To Eat….

That is the question I ask of thee’s diet.


Albertson’s, Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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The Bakery

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IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit

IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit is one of my favorite beverages. I actually gave up drinking soda maybe two years ago. My favorite at the time was Diet Dr. Pepper. And I would drink it like water all day long. At one point I swear I felt my internal organs being burned as the DDP was being absorbed into my system. After Googling artificial sweeteners, I decided I was going to quit cold turkey. I went through a withdrawal. (And I’m not even joking.) The first night I couldn’t even sleep. I thought at one point after staring at the ceiling for hours that I wasn’t sure I was even going to survive this. Probably three days later I started to get back to normal. As a substitute for those sodas, I started looking around for healthier options. Esp. ones that didn’t lead to a state of chemical dependency. One of my staples became natural flavored sparkling water. So I spend a lot of time in the water aisle of grocery stores.

A few weeks ago I randomly grabbed a bottle of IZZE grapefruit on a whim. Just to mix things up. After reading the ingredients, I thought it was probably just “ok.” Looked a little too healthy. (Juice obviously can cause you to gain weight if you drink it in excess.) But wow, this stuff is delicious. It doesn’t really taste like standard grapefruit because it has apple, grape and orange juice. It’s surprisingly sweet (but not too sweet). And if I didn’t know better, I would think this has added sugar. But the label clearly says “No Added Sugar.” I almost think they added this label to confirm it to disbelievers, rather than promote it as a healthier option. Because I would guess many people would take a swig and think “Deliciously sweet, must be full of corn syrup.”

So what we have here people is the elusive unicorn. It tastes as good or better than soda. And the ingredients are solid. You may not want this for every meal, but I think most people would enjoy this a few times a week. It’s now something I grab every time I’m in the grocery store. I mentioned this on Twitter and someone recommended that I also try the Sparkling Blackberry. I ended up liking the blackberry, but I love the grapefruit so much I can’t even think of anything else. With the blackberry, there’s a distinct aftertaste (in a good way) that sends you into the mulberry/blackberry zone. I’m not a huge blackberry fan, but I still thought it was good.

I believe these are around a dollar a bottle, and they also come in four-packs. I also like that “red radish juice” is on the ingredient list. Even though I can’t taste it, I like knowing it’s there. It’s so unusual.

You can check out their website here. This isn’t a product promotion, it’s just something I personally love to drink.

Photos by Terry Aley

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Some might argue that I have an addiction to sprinkles, possibly a medical condition. Others might go as far as to name call – Sprinkle Hoarder! I prefer “sprinkle enthusiast.”

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Snackage – Fritos Corn Chips – Up Close and Personal

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Cake Donuts With Chocolate Icing and Generous Sprinkles

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