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To Eat, Or Not To Eat….

That is the question I ask of thee’s diet.


Albertson’s, Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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Oreos Dunked in White Chocolate with Sprinkles

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White Chocolate Oreo Surprise Cups

Take foil baking cups. Melt white chocolate candy melts. Pour a layer on the bottom of cups, place an Oreo on top, then smother the Oreo with more white chocolate. Add sprinkles. Refrigerate until set. Can be served with or without the foil cup.

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Cupcake Pops

These are a bit more complicated than you’d think, and I really can’t recommend attempting them unless you’re experienced in working with chocolate. Or you have plenty of time to master the art. I would call these mini cupcake bon bons, there is no cake in here.

They are very rich tasting, and one delicious pop is probably plenty for most people. One package of Oreo cookies – put them through a food processor until they’re a black powder. In a bowl, hand mix in one package of cream cheese with the Oreo crumbs until you have a mass of dough (Playdough texture). You can halve this basic recipe with no problems. Press into a small cupcake mold (Check eBay or Amazon for “My Little Cupcake” molds.) Refrigerate until they’re firm. The bottom half of this is dipped in melted chocolate pieces by hand (candy melts, found anywhere there’s a Wilton section at places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, K-mart). The top half dipped in melted white chocolate. Start by dipping the bottom halves in melted chocolate. Dip the tip of your pop stick into melted chocolate to give it a little “glue,” then insert into the pop. Don’t go too far into the pop, otherwise the pop stick may push through the top and ruin your pop. After the chocolate has solidified, dip the top half of the pop into melted white chocolate (or any other color like blue/pink/yellow). Press an M&M on to the top. Then rotate the pop while adding sprinkles. You must add your sprinkles before the white chocolate solidifies, or they won’t attach. So have all of your supplies ready to go.

You will need something to support these pops while they solidify, and to serve them. You can either buy a pop stand in the Wilton section, or jam the pops into a block of styrofoam.

I recommend doing a run-through of just one cupcake pop before you do an entire batch. There are a lot of fussy parts to the process, and more supplies required than you would think. (Cupcake mold, sprinkles, M&Ms, pop sticks, two kinds of chocolate melts, sprinkles, Oreos, cream cheese)
The cool factor of doing these for your party might just make it worth the production.

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Divine Lemon Bistro Cake Topped With Oreos

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Oreo – The Triple Double

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Oreos – Up Close and Personal

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Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreos – Rainbow Shure, Bert

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This is what you get when an Oreo mates with a Twinkie.

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Chocolate cream puffs. Oreo cookies and cream torte cake.

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