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Chicken McNuggets and Onion Rings (Sort Of)



I hadn’t had McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets since probably the 1990s. I knew there are “meat free” versions of these types of nuggets at local grocers, so I tried them. These are baked in the oven, so they aren’t fried. They actually are a pretty tasty snack. They aren’t greasy, have a nice crunch and go great with dipping sauces. I threw in a few rings so I could make my own “sampler platter.”

I keep telling people, there are substitutes for practically everything that’s bad for you. And many of these actually taste as good as the bad versions! These could totally fool anyone into believing they’re the real deal.



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Fast Food – Manhattan NYC

Goat cheese wrap from the Banc Cafe Midtown East / Manhattan.

Wendy’s Old Fashioned Burger and Fries.

McDonald’s Big Mac, cheeseburger and french fries.

A few snapshots Eric sent me from recent lunches. He thinks I’m putting up too many sweets.

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McDonald’s – Coffee with a hashbrown and a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit.

Not a bad photo for an iPhone that’s over two years old! If I do say so myself, and I do say so.

Email your own “food porn” photos you snap with your camera phone, and if they make us hungry, we’ll post them. We are especially interested in fast food from countries outside of the US, since we can’t be everywhere at once.

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