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Andre’s Confiserie Suisse in Kansas City

Cookie photos! I had been meaning to post newer food photos on here but kept procrastinating. It was a busy year. I finally had some time this week so I thought I’d post. These are Christmas cookies made at Andre’s, a local chocolatier in Kansas City that also operates as a small gourmet restaurant.












Photos copyright Terry Aley

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Donuts – Getting Up Close and Personal









Photos by Terry Aley



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‘Twas the Night After Doomsday…

I discovered this cookie dough “ice cream” that’s dairy free. All of the flavor, half the guilt.


Wheaties realized they could ca$h in a second time with this Bruce Jenner cereal box cover. (Kardashian fans + baby boomer nostalgia)


Lunch from a couple days ago I whipped up. Fettuccine with mushrooms, topped with mozzarella non-cheese.


Spray paint cupcakes.


Passive aggressive stocking stuffers.


You’ll never look at coffee flavored jelly beans the same way again. I think that’s a sheep dispenser.


Little Debbie isn’t waiting around for Hostess to work through its Twinkie problems.


Snow globes on cookies. Brilliant idea.


And a few donut closing shots.




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To Eat, Or Not To Eat….

That is the question I ask of thee’s diet.


Albertson’s, Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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Investment Stash/Retirement Fund – Hidden in My Freezer

(In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.)

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What Good is Halloween Without Candy Apples?

Photos by Terry Aley.

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For The Bakers, Mega Sprinkles Tote – For Kids

Ok I guess “drop and drag” doesn’t work on WordPress quite as well as I thought. So if you clicked this early, you ended up seeing a blank post. And it deleted all of my text. (The one time I didn’t “copy and paste” as I went!)

Anyhow, this “sprinkles tote” looks like something an avid adult baker might want. But the target audience is designated as children who speak either English or Spanish. That’s probably why I found this at Ross for $9.99, when it was available at Michaels and Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago for $25. Too much of a good thing for kids. Mislabeled for adults. But if you’re a school teacher, have 10 kids or run a food blog, this might be a great item to purchase on sale.

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Jelly Belly Raspberries and Blackberries

These caught my eye yesterday because they’re a little out of the ordinary for Jelly Belly. One of my favorite things to see on a fancy schmancy dessert are raspberries. Want something that looks like it was made by a French chef? Put a raspberry on it. These would be good to keep around in case timing for fresh berries on the spot can’t happen. Or if you just happen to like Jelly Belly candy.

It’s funny, I was trying to figure out the plural of “Jelly Belly,” and the Jelly Belly style guide says it’s against the rules! So instead of saying “Jelly Belly’s” or “Jelly Bellies,” I had to say “Jelly Belly Candy.” Well, I didn’t have to. But I thought I’d overshare with everyone.

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Some Halloween Sugar

Photos by Terry Aley

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Some might argue that I have an addiction to sprinkles, possibly a medical condition. Others might go as far as to name call – Sprinkle Hoarder! I prefer “sprinkle enthusiast.”

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