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A Taste of Thai – Yellow Curry Rice

I’m not usually a big fan of “packaged” meals like rice and pasta, but this one is entirely different. There are a couple different “Taste of Thai” products such as coconut ginger rice and pad Thai, but this one is by far my favorite. It has just the right amount of spice/heat.

It tastes great as a dish alone. But I usually have a second fry pan going with things I like such as mushrooms, onions, “soy crumbles,” and chopped sweet peppers. Once the rice is cooked, I toss everything into one pan.

A box includes a packet of jasmine rice, a packet of powdery curry seasonings, and a clear packet of spicy paste. I used to divide the paste in half to knock the spicy level down a few notches. But I’ve built up my tolerance and now like it “full blast.” If you like spicy food, go for the full packet. A box costs about $4. Not cheap, but it’s so good I have it once a month or so.

I also keep a bottle of Bragg Liquid Aminos on my counter. This goes GREAT with many savory dishes like pasta, rice and potatoes. It’s basically the healthier version of soy sauce. You can find this at most grocery stores in the “natural” section, or at any health food store.







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Fortune Cookie

I decided to randomly open one fortune cookie, and I would use whatever it said. Luckily, it didn’t foreshadow anything terrible.

How to do these – Take fortune cookies and dip halfway into melted chocolate. (In this case, white chocolate colored blue.) Before the chocolate hardens, add sprinkles and allow to set.

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M&Ms – Panda.


There is a 5-story M&M store on the Las Vegas Strip full of an obscene amount of M&M products. This panda was one of the cutest things. At one point, a store clerk came up to me and said “No pictures allowed!” I freaked out. And he goes “Just kidding.” So funny I forgot to laugh. <clinches fists>


Email your own “food porn” photos you snap with your camera phone, and if they make us hungry, we’ll post them. We are especially interested in fast food from countries outside of the US, since we can’t be everywhere at once.

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Vegetarian fried noodles from an Asian restaurant in Alhambra, CA


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Koreatown – Los Angeles – Tofu + Rice + Veggies

Some friends took us to a Korean restaurant. The food was literally boiling hot at our table. So hot you could cook an egg as you watched.

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