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Sumatra Coffee

I was musing on Twitter that to me, all coffee tastes the same. It doesn’t matter if I get Folgers, decaffeinated, McDonald’s premium roast, Dunkin’ Donuts, grind my own beans, you name it, when it’s in my cup, it’s all the same.

Because of this, I usually grab the most economical (cheap) brand of coffee. I’m not a huge coffee fan. I mainly drink it during my work day when I’m desperate for a power nap but the show must go on. I often dump scalding hot coffee into a glass full of ice, then add an inch or two of coconut milk to the glass. I’m not a big fan of straight coffee.

After I mentioned this on Twitter, someone recommended Sumatra coffee. I made a mental note. After checking out a few grocery store coffee sections, I found something that said SUMATRA on the package, and it happened to be Starbucks. I think it was around $10.

One thing I really love about coffee is the aroma. I would say I love the aroma of coffee, but tolerate the flavor. When I opened the bag, I would describe the smell as coffee mixed with some tea. I would call it a weaker than usual aroma. Sometimes the smell of coffee just smacks you in the face, and I like it. I was kind of put off by the mildness of the aroma at first and thought, this is a bad sign.

I whipped up my usual coffee concoction and took a swig. Something different was happening. The coffee flavor, for a lack of a better description, attaches to your taste buds and holds on for dear life. So rather than tasting coffee for a second or so, the flavor holds. There is less of a burnt bitterness, which reveals a better flavor. A flavor that sticks itself to your taste buds for about 4 times as long as regular coffee.

This means you have an overall more flavorful experience. I started reading through reviews of this coffee online and a lot of people love it. If you like a bold, flavorful coffee, this is one I recommend grabbing for a taste at your local coffee shop for sure. And I think I may have found a coffee I actually like. More research will be necessary to confirm.



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The Bakery

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Easy Fancy Schmancy Chocolates.

I think I bought these chocolate molds about 10 years ago when I was visiting friends in Kansas City. And I haven’t used them until today. These are like miniature Jell-O molds.  Melt white chocolate, add to a piping bag (or ziplock with the corner snipped off). Pipe candy molds halfway. Refrigerate or let set. Fill the rest of the molds with regular chocolate. Set and release from the molds. (Before you set each layer, tap the molds against the counter to release any bubbles and smooth the top.)

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Oreos Dunked in White Chocolate with Sprinkles

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White Chocolate Pretzel Dips With Sprinkles

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Twinkie Drenched in White Chocolate, Covered with Sprinkles

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Neon Green – Chocolate Shard

To make the shard (you can drop the bright neon icing if it’s too much to handle): Put a thin layer of cooking spray on wax paper. Melt chocolate and spread a thin layer on the wax paper. Scatter sprinkles on the chocolate. Refrigerate or allow the chocolate to set. Break the chocolate into pieces and press into your icing in visually interesting ways.

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Easy Cupcake Couture

Food color your batter for effects. For the ornaments on top, melt chocolate and pipe scribbles on to wax paper. Once they set, position on top of the iced cupcakes. I purchased these intricate baking cups from a seller in Asia (check eBay and Amazon for similar styles).

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White Chocolate Oreo Surprise Cups

Take foil baking cups. Melt white chocolate candy melts. Pour a layer on the bottom of cups, place an Oreo on top, then smother the Oreo with more white chocolate. Add sprinkles. Refrigerate until set. Can be served with or without the foil cup.

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