Drinkage – The Republic of Tea (& How to Get Your OWN Free Tea!)

My Twitter friend @RealityJulie mailed me three sample canisters of tea from her family owned business, The Republic of Tea. I was expecting the kind of boxes of tea you might find in the local grocery store. But this is the good stuff (high end, quality teas).

I was particularly intrigued by the SuperFruit Pomegranate and Get Probiotic. And of course, what insomniac doesn’t love a good basic tea like chamomile lemon? I like a big mug of tea, and one circular bag of the Pomegranate was enough to make a “dense” brew. The Get Probiotic is a good tea that also contains Bacilus coagulans, good bacteria for digestion.

You can explore their website by clicking here. I was surprised that I had never heard of this company before and that they have such a vast selection. I’m going to be checking out the SuperHerb teas and a few others the next time I’m at a Whole Foods location. Though any of these can be purchased online. (Click here to be directed to information about this tea on the Whole Foods website.)

Oh and if you want to try this out for yourself, or know someone who is a tea drinker, go to their website and in the lower right corner, click on Request a Catalogue. They’ll send you a free tea sample with EVERY catalog! (I checked with Julie and she said as each new catalog is mailed out, you get a single tea sample. Usually the sample is something new they’re offering like watermelon mint.)






Photos by Terry Aley

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