The Avocado

I’ve eaten so many avocados in my life that I feel like I’m an expert on the topic. But what usually happens is that I get a bad batch of avocados locally, and it turns me off for a few months. But they’re such a great food, I eventually come back.

The first thing people usually say about an avocado is that they’re so fattening, or they would eat them more often. But the avocado is good fat. You may not want to eat 10 a day, but eating an avocado is not the same as eating a piece of fried chicken. The human body needs fat, preferably the healthy kind.

When picking avocados, you don’t want to eat an apple green avocado that’s as hard as a rock. You want them to be soft soft enough that you can cut them like butter easily. But not to the point they’re going dark or getting really spotty. It’s a bit of a gamble if you buy firm green avocados at the store, because then you have to age them at home. And often they don’t ripen well. They can partially ripen. They can quickly turn brown. Because avocados can be expensive, it’s always best to buy them when they’re ripe in the store. There’s a better chance that they were closer to ripening on the tree before being shipped. (I’m speculating.) Rather than clearly being picked too early and having to ripen off the branch.

To check for ripeness at the store, you want to clench the avocado with your hand, even pressure. You’ll be able to tell if it’s either too firm or too mushy. If you press your finger into the side of an avocado, you could easily damage it.

I take a sharp knife and roll it around the avocado vertically. You press the knife down until you hit the seed, then roll around the seed. Once you’ve circled the avocado, you twist the two sides apart. You’re left with what you see in the photo above. I scoop out the “meat” using a spoon. Usually there is a woody piece near the seed inside the “meat” that I remove.

You want to cut open only as many avocados as you can eat at one time. They’re like apples, they turn brown quickly.

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